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Traveller: High and Dry
(Ocena ogólna: 0.0/5)

High and Dry

  • Marches Adventure 1
od 2 do 100 graczy od 10 do 1000 minut

High and Dry

In High and Dry the Travellers are given a ship in which they can explore the galaxy for the rest of the campaign – the only catch is that they have to find it first.

Travelling to the quiet world of Walston, the Travellers will have to engage with the locals, locate their ship and repair it before they can return home. However, the ship has been left in the crater of a volcano, and there have been tremors rocking the surrounding area for quite some time…

High and Dry is the perfect introductory adventure for Traveller, full of exploration, character interaction and a truly explosive finale!

Zawartość pudełka

  • Podręcznik 42 strony, w języku angielskim
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