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Fragged Empire: Genetic Spectres
(Ocena ogólna: 0.0/5)

Genetic Spectres

  • Adventure 2
od 2 do 100 graczy od 10 do 1000 minut

Genetic Spectres

Genetic Spectres sees Characters with 6-10 Current Resources embark on an adventure which sees them discover a deadly remnant from the Great War.


As the Great War ground to a halt, the Archons watched their great empire reduced to embers like a handful of stars against the black of night. When the last of them lay dying, they made final efforts to undo those mechanical monsters they created to fight X’ion’s Ne philim horrors. 


Yet, the Archons’ creations were not wholly their own. They fused human robotics with bio-disintegration weaponry, creating the fearsome Mechonid. The Archons thought themselves the masters of these machines. They were wrong. 


The technology upon which the Mechonids were based stretched back to the days of time-lost humanity. Taking what they could find in human records and ruins, the Archons recreated human-made robots as best they could. Yet the Archons did not possess the knowledge of those who created them and, in their arrogance, they brought about their own undoing. 


The robots the Archons created served them well at first, dealing devastating defeats to the Nephilim… but soon the creations turned upon their masters and on all biological life.

The Archons and the war are a hundred years gone and the Mechonid threat largely forgotten. These strange mechanical creations went into hibernation at the end of the war and have not reappeared since. 


Until now…. 

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  • Podręcznik w języku angielskim
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