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Warrior Nation Starter Box
(Ocena ogólna: 0.0/5)

Warrior Nation Starter Box

od 2 do 2 graczy od 60 do 120 minut

The proud descendants of the men who were once the lords and masters of the entire continent, now fight to regain power. These Native American warriors have thrown off the noose of enforced servitude to the United States. Joining their tribes together they form an alliance of unparalleled strength that taps into ancient spiritual power. No longer does the Warrior Nation allow others to take from them the land of their ancestors. Confronting the twisted science of tomorrow with the purity of the Earth, the Warrior Nation has taken up the mantle of protector of the land, and will stop at nothing to eradicate this new threat.

Zawartość pudełka

  • Zestaw zawiera:
  • -1x Sitting Bull - (Boss)
  • -1x Walks Looking - (Sidekick)
  • -5x Close Combat Braves - (Hired Hands)
  • -5x Long Range Braves - (Hired Hands)
  • -1x Brave with Heavy Weapon Gatling Gun - (Light Support)
  • -1x Quick Start Rules
  • -4x 10-Side Dice
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