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CCLE-K9 (Pose 1)
(Ocena ogólna: 0.0/5)

CCLE-K9 (Pose 1)

od 2 do 2 graczy od 90 do 120 minut

Mercenaries, a varied, eccentric bunch of wildly dangerous individuals who work for the highest bidder. With loyalty only to the next coin purse you best keep your wits about you when hiring one. There is a vast selection of miscreants out there looking for work, mad inventors, travelling hitmen (and women) and stealthy thieves. You just need to pick the right one for they job at hand.

This robotic canine is armed with metal fangs and claws strong enough to rip an iron horse in two. Quick and vicious, the CCLE-K9 is a cold blooded killer that obeys his master's every whim, without hesitation. With no need for armour as each K9 has a body made of reinforced metal this vicious attack dogs are sure to survive a multiple hits on any battlefield.

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